A portrait of Artist and Art Director, Mike Fogg.


Mike Fogg is a Filipino-Born Art Director and 3D Artist, renowned for art that converges at the intersection of sports, fashion, culture, and technology. With a deep inspiration fueled by race and culture, Mike creates narrative-driven work revolving around his conceptualized hyperreal art which is utilized to address complex ideas around the future, the past, and where we find hope.

With extensive experience in ideating campaigns for globally recognized brands, Mike’s profound love for art, sports, and technology infuses his work with a unique perspective, captivating collectors worldwide.

He has had the honor of working and collaborating with Adidas, The Chicago Bulls, The New York Yankees, The NBA, and Toyota. His work, featured in galleries globally, Including Miami Art Basel 2023, Bulls Fest Chicago, NFT New York city, and has attracted the attention of renowned athletes like Steph Curry, Paul George, Odell Beckham Jr., and Gary Harris, who have become collectors of his art.

Mike combines Blender 3D, Marvelous Designer, and Photoshop to bring his visions to life.

Please visit mikefogg.design for his professional portfolio.


- Adidas
- Chicago Bulls
- New York Yankees
- Steph Curry
- Paul George
- Toyota
- Ford